Ben Burrage WINS against Mungkorn 5th Aug 2013
Ben Burrage WINS Thai fight against Mungkorn Ben had fought Mungkorn once before and was beaten on points in a 5 round war   This time Ben “Bullrider” Burrage stopped him in round one with leg kicks   Ben fights again in two weeks so he is back training.    Ben would like to especially › Read more
Ben Bullrider Burrage claims a third world title belt
Ben Burrage claims a third world title belt On Sunday Ben fought Australian Phil Tyquin for the super welterweight belt (69.5kg), in a bout scheduled for five rounds.   Ben Burrage is ranked in Thailand because of his numerous fights over there.   On Sunday he used some of his renowned, vicious leg kicks to stop › Read more
URGENT IMPORTANT MESSAGES URGENT If you receive an  email from my email address []. Stating I have had an accident in Manilla & I am in need of money. DON’T BELIEVE IT THIS IS A SCAM   Someone has accessed my yahoo mailing account & is using it now to try to scam my contacts. › Read more
Ben Burrage is heading overseas to fight in Thailand & Internationally Ben has taken TFA fighter Danial Fawkes to the New Generation Fight night also fighting on the New Generation card is Muswellbrook Fighting Arts boys  Braden Johnson Brad Tubb, Jesse & Elric Biddulph who is fighting for NSW title. Ben expects to be back › Read more
Ben Burrage Wins Fight 2nd Oct 2012 Phetch Buncha Stadium
Ben Burrage Wins Fight 2nd October 2012 at Phetch Buncha Stadium Cheweng Result. Ben Bullrider Burrage fought a tough awkward Thai opponent, he got Ben with a few elbows but Ben dropped him with a knee to the head in 2nd and they stopped the fight by TKO from knees in 3rd round. So this was › Read more
Ben Burrage WINS World Muay Thai Council M.A.D Title May 2012
  World Muay Thai Council M.A.D Title Ben Burrage Vs Kongklai    26th May 2012 West Tamworth Leagues Club NSW Australia. Fight sponsored by Milestone   Ben Bullrider Burrage WINS World Muay Thai Council M.A.D Title 2012   Click here to view video of fight ====================================== › Read more



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