TrueAnt Auctions and Selling

This Australian owned and operated website is designed for Australian business and private sellers who wish to increase their sales and profits

We Aim: To make selling online secure & affordable while maintaining an easy to use website.

We achieve this by having fewer fees like – No Listing or Re-List Fees, No Sale or Processing Fees. Sellers 4 Images per/listing Free, Buy Now & Reserve Price Free (with Auction Listings) & Additional Category Free.

You do have to be a Verified Seller & this is a $5 fee for 90 days & you can place, edit, change as many listings as you please in that 90 days then you would pay another $5 to re-verify for another 90 days & continue selling.

We secure the website by: Using the latest SSL Security Certificates to ensure members application & login details are safe & secure from unauthorised viewing & use. Each year TrueAnt reviews this security & upgrades this certificate to the appropriate level to ensure the security of TrueAnt websites. As extra security TrueAnt staff phones every new member where possible to check their application & especially to welcome them to TrueAnt while discussing any concerns they may have about online selling sites